Interview with Andreas Antonopoulos, bitcoin entrepreneur


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  1. lhl

    No need for facts when logical fallacies shall suffice, eh?

    Considering that the blockchain, the technology that enables the distributed public ledger (and solves the Byzantine Generals problem) was invented by Satoshi Nakomoto, I doubt you've seen any digital currency that's a "similar scheme." Bitcoin, AFAIK is the world's first decentralized digital currency.

    That's not an argument for it's longterm success. The existential risks are many (daunting even), so who knows what Bitcoin's lifespan will be.

    Your posts so far have contained a lot of snark, some blatant inaccuracies, but little in the way to show in terms of facts or clear arguments - Ponzi scheme backed by gold? Again that's quite the non-sequitur knocking down a strawman argument about generating alt-blockchains. Why's that an argument against Bitcoin? I'm sure it all made sense when you typed it.

    I could elaborate on how the blockchain could be forked/extended or why proof of burn is interesting in terms of counterparty trust, but since discourse doesn't seem to be your primary goal here, I'll just pretend there's a killfile and stop arguing on the Internet.

  2. aantonop

    My favorite blog and daily read just posted my name. Best day ever....

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