Spot It! an addictive matching card game


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  1. 50thomas50

    Try all the ways to play - The Tower, The Well, Hot Potato, Poisoned Gift, Triplet

  2. axgop

    Been playing this with my kids for years. It's a lot of fun and it's relatively fair play, too. My 3 y/o keeps up with my 9 y/o and me without us giving her any extra peeks at the cards or other handicaps.

    Bonus: the small tin it comes in is free of the thousands of packaging wires and ties that come standard with nearly every other toy.

  3. Groundman

    My family has been enjoying this game for a couple years now. It's cool. I probably don't have the skills to fully understand them but I think the maths behind the concept must be fun to work through.

  4. StoicRomance

    Fantastic for all ages, and in a really small package. Would play it while waiting in line for events at PAX every year. People invariably would see how much fun we were having and hop in.

    Just fantastic.

  5. ronaldpottol

    My kids love it, and we have great fun playing together, it's just a little beyond my 4 year old, but it's a game were letting him play (his style) works too. Very highly recommended, especially since you only need to match symbols, and understand the rules you are playing with.

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