Body hacking review: this cheap, high-density foam roller literally saved my ass


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  1. Scooter

    Mine was worth every penny I paid for it. I mainly use it to loosen the sides of my legs to relieve pressure on my knees. Works wonderfully. Especially for a fraction of the cost of one trip to the masseuse.

  2. snig

    It's a good thing to do, but athletes and very active people also get pain that these help. Bad pain happens to good people with largely good habits, it's not simply something that happens to the sedentary or those with bad posture or ergonomics.

    When people, especially those who stretch and are active, ask why they still get pain, I tell them that we're still in beta as we've only been walking upright for a couple million years.

  3. xzzy

    Tennis balls and lacrosse balls are popular too, for really zeroing in on tight spots. Two tennis balls taped together can be used to loosen up your back:

    (plus a roll of hockey tape)

  4. boscohearnjr

    -- Hannibal Lechter

  5. crenquis

    Just sit on one of these bad boys...

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