Amazing scenes from games

Dead End Thrills is a site about the visual design of games.
Dead End Thrills is a website celebrating the passion and talent behind the world’s most exciting videogames. Its mission, if you can call it that, is to strip away the distractions of gameplay and provide lovingly captured snapshots of these virtual worlds and their inhabitants. I’ve compared it previously to the work of a unit stills photographer on a movie set: its job is to flatter and translate without any pretence of ownership. To provide a visual document that isn’t diminished by technology. One thing it is not is an attempt to further the wearisome ‘games as art’ debate. Its interest is in the art that exists within what is, and always should be, an entertainment medium. It is not some bid to validate games or win approval from a mythical jury of art critics

Pictured above is a scene from the fan-created Skywind, a recreation of classic weird RPG Morrowind using grand-sequel Skyrim's more advanced game engine.