Corporate mascots as anime characters

Bruce Yan has created some gorgeous anime-inflected remixes of traditional American logos, including the Girl Guides Scouts and Starbucks. Astro Boy/Atom Boy was really born to be Bob's Big Boy mascot.

Corporate Brands Are Cuter With Hayao Miyazaki And Disney-Style Logos (via The Mary Sue)

Notable Replies

  1. Also that's the Girl Scouts logo, not Girl Guides. Also I'm pretty sure The Little Mermaid isn't anime.

    Cory isn't even trying anymore.

  2. Sheesh, calm down people, it's just someone having a little fun with corporate logos.

  3. No, the Girl Guides have a different logo. The three-faces-in-profile is specifically associated with the Girl Scouts organization. Google it.

  4. Glitch says:

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