Sci-Fi Saturday Night podcast does a Story Bundle

Kriana sez, "On Sci-Fi Saturday Night (the podcast) we find and interview cool people who are doing incredibly cool things. Last August we had the privilege of talking to Jason Chen, founder of (and formerly of LifeHacker and Gizmodo), about his new site, alternative business models, and how we could support up and coming authors. After the show, Jason invited the cast to curate a bundle of our favorite indie authors, and we enthusiastically accepted."

The SFSN StoryBundle is now live featuring six of our favorite authors, ranging across genres from straight up horror to fantasy to hard science fiction. The bundle represents the melange of tastes the different cast members bring to the show and is just scratching the surface of the really neat creators we've had the opportunity to connect with.

Although we're called Sci-Fi *Saturday* Night, we tape the show live via uStream on Thursdays. And tonight starting at 8pm Eastern, we're giving away a few bundles to the listeners in our chat room.