Kickstarting a kid-friendly steampunk graphic novel

Thom writes, "When our Kickstarter for a kid-friendly steampunk comic was 'kicktrolled' last November, the Internet quickly came to our rescue. And while we ultimately cancelled that project for fear of a repeat incident, we're back with a new campaign for a graphic novel of our webcomic -- and a possible way to make 'Crimson Rhen of the True North' happen!"

Our 'Shadowbinders' campaign will not only fund hardcovers of never-before-printed material, but a stretch goal will allow for the serialization of 'Crimson Rhen of the True North' as a series of digital comics in DRM free PDF format. The 'Shadowbinders' webcomic features Crimson Rhen as an adult, and has gained a dedicated following over the past four years. The campaign is currently overfunded, so the 'Shadowbinders' books are definitely happening. But we need the internet's help once more to see to it that the story that helped coin the term "Kicktrolling" finally gets made!

SHADOWBINDERS Book Two: steampunk! fantasy! comedy! (Thanks, Thom!)

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  1. Says the original kickstarter was "kicktrolled". What's the story there?

  2. In before "I liked steampunk before it was cool, it's all hipsters now" and/or "why do you love colonialism and sexual repression, you monster."

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