US Deputy Director of Drug Policy pretends to be a moron in order to evade questions about pot


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  1. n000n

    That guy just got the pointy end of the bow tie.

  2. blank_look

    My son got busted with pot, but he got sent into a teen diversion program. He had to go to Teen Court and do a Chinese-communist grade self-criticism: that he knows how dangerous it is and how smoking it will ruin his future and it will go on his Permanent Record if he smokes again. He rolled his eyes, groveled as required, and then asked me if I thought they really believed that. They are losing the war on weed and they are convincing a 2 or 3 generations so far to disrespect the law. (I just told my son to remember our friend who smoked too much and messed up his life, educate himself, and stay out of jail.)

  3. Space_Monkey

    When I was a teenager, my dad's advice was "Never trust a cop, and never admit anything." I still feel the same way, and that's pretty sad, because I generally like social order and believe that rule of law is a good thing.

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