Google hangout with Lloyd Kahn, master urban homesteader

Kevin Kelly is doing a Google Hangout with Lloyd Kahn today at 5pm PT.

Lloyd is one of the coolest people I know. He lives in a beautiful wooden home in Bolinas, California, that he built himself from salvaged materials. He homesteads, heating with wood he scavenges from windfalls along the road, growing organic veggies in his raised beds. He’s kept backyard chickens forever (he turned me onto backyard egg goodness). He eats roadkill. He hunts mushrooms. He makes books about homemade shelters. Runs mountain races. He visits San Francisco once a week to hear the latest music. He surfs, and skateboards. He is 79 years old!

Lloyd is a big fan of Cool Tools. He’s written a bunch of reviews for the site, and encouraged me to assemble a Cool Tools book. He worked on the original Whole Earth Catalog, where he was the “Shelter” editor, so he’s seen a lot of do-it-yourself stuff over the years. What I love about Lloyd is his enthusiasm and gumption. He is always learning new things, trying new stuff, and never letting failure stop his enjoyment. He is very young. He is also a compulsive sharer, broadcasting what he is learning for the benefit of others. I get pumped up each time I chat with him.

On Wednesday, at 5pm California time (8 EST) I hope you have a chance to see Lloyd in action. The first eight folks to sign up on this form can join us in the hangout. Anyone else can watch the conversation live stream by going to this Google Hangout link. And later there will be a recorded video on YouTube of the conversation.

We’ll talk about how Lloyd does all these cool things, how he learns so fast, what he knows about urban homesteading, his next book, and what new cool tools he recommends.

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  1. Mark, you and this guy could make a project out of the now out of date "Home Food Systems: Rodales Catalog .."
    It's been out of print for ages. With sections of bee keeping, aquaculture, canning, drying, goats, chickens, and Tools.

    It's in desperate need of a update with new 'cool tools'. It's one of the books I refer to again and again. If you don't have this one, borrow or buy one and spend a night with it.

  2. Lloyd and his homesteading skills are pretty cool indeed, but it's a stretch to call Bolinas 'urban' - just sayin'.

  3. novium says:

    I was trying to remember why the place sound so familiar, but I think I've got it. Isn't Bolinas that kind of creepily xenophobic, reclusive town in marin where the local kids nearly beat a vagrant to death awhile back? And they tear down all the highway signs and put up fake road blocks and vet people before they move in?

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