Amazing, new fossil site found in Canada

The Burgess Shale, discovered in 1909 in the Canadian Rockies, has long been considered one of the greatest fossil sites ever found. Now, an extension of the site has been discovered, which rivals the original in quantity and quality of specimens, including rare fossil evidence of soft tissue.

Notable Replies

  1. God damn that's awesome. Love the Burgess Shale and Cambrian fossils.

  2. Shale? Can we frack it?

  3. You better frackin' believe we can.

  4. Well, get crackin' with that frackin'.

  5. Bobo says:

    Great, just more "evidence" that the Devil planted to lead us astray from the word of the good Lord.

    (and yes, this is sarcasm for the sarcasm impaired)

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