Kickstarting an adult coloring book: 99 Ways to Die

Chris Locke writes, "Why should kids have all the fun? '99 Ways To Die: a Coloring Book for ADULTS' is for mature audiences who love to color, but are tired of childish subject matter. Every page shows a different way to die. Full size version of the book is $25, pocket-size version is $15."

Locke's a multi-talented artist and a real favorite around here. His last Kickstarter, a sketchbook that is designed to alleviate the terror of the blank page, came out beautifully. But he's also the guy with the phone amps made of brass instruments, the spiders made from confiscated scissors, and the fossilized cellphones and other gadgets

99 Ways To Die - A coloring book for ADULTS (Thanks, Chris!)

Notable Replies

  1. This seems like an effing awesome idea until you realise that if you child finds these and takes them at a (US) school....well get ready for swat teams and counselling and psychologists and 24hr coverage from fox news and and and and perhaps even removing said child from your custody.

  2. I wouldn´t dare showing artwork of this quality to my own family, much less ask strangers to give me money for a whole book of it.

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