Did you know there's a hotel in Belgium shaped like a giant anus?

Yep. HOTEL CASANUS. "On a small island nestled between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders, Belgium lies what could be the most remarkable hotel ever.  Shaped like a giant anus, Hotel CasAnus just screams, stay inside me!"

I said what, what? In the butt.

"Spend the Night in a Giant Anus". [ripleys.com, thanks Theremina]

Notable Replies

  1. Eksrae says:

    The article said that it had a shower and a toilet. I really wanted to see where they put the toilet.

  2. They said, "Your hotel looks like a giant anus!"

    I said, "Maybe you feel that way because you're just passing through."

  3. thaum says:

    It's shaped like a rectum and an anus. Geez, BB, get your facts straight! smile

  4. But whenever you answer the door, you're talking out your ass

  5. Who came up with this idea? Christ, what an asshole!

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