The risks of driving while stoned

A couple of weeks ago, on Twitter, a reader challenged my assumption that driving under the influence of marijuana would be dangerous. The conversation made me curious and I went to see what science had to say. Turns out, there is some interesting nuance behind the relative risks of stoned driving. Research shows that it's not safe to get behind a wheel while high ... but it is safer than driving while drunk.

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  1. In the grand scheme of things, I'd be much more concerned about prescription drugged driving.

  2. The risk is quantified in the linked story. Stoned driving is about twice as dangerous as just plain ild sober driving.

  3. dlb says:

    Of course it's safer. A drunk driver will run a stop sign. A stone driver will wait until it turn green.

  4. Driving while very tired is also dangerous. The fact of the matter is, if you screw up while driving, you can ruin your life and the lives of others, so it's not wise to drive while under any sort of impairment, be it drugs, alcohol, fatigue or anything else.

  5. Hardly the point. The point is we should all take what steps we can to minimize risk before we get behind the wheel.

    You clearly missed my point. My point was anecdotal correlation does not necessarily imply causation.

    You also neglected to point out the entire section

    I neglected to repost the entire PDF for brevity. I pointed out the parts of the PDF study, etc. that were relevant to what I was responding to. I could counter with all the parts you neglected, but then we'd just be spiraling into a pointless, false argument with each other.

    Basically the study you cite says that the evidence is mixed and that people should err on the side of caution when it comes to driving stoned. ... "patients who smoke cannabis should be counseled to wait several hours before driving"

    You should probably go back, read my post and see what I was specifically responding to. Nowhere have I said nor implied that people shouldn't err on the side of caution when partaking in marijuana especially when it comes to driving a vehicle.

    Like I said, you're venturing into a false argument with me, so I'll just kill it dead right there.


    So, are you saying because people make mistakes even unimpaired, it's fine to go ahead and drive impaired anyway.

    Yep, I'm saying it's a great idea to get as stoned and as drunk as possible and join a NASCAR race... or my point is anecdotal correlation does not necessarily imply causation. Pick one.

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