Comic book explains why the Transpacific Partnership serves no one but the ultra-rich

In 2012 I reviewed Economix, a terrific cartoon history of economics by Michael Goodwin and illustrated by Dan E. Burr. (After reading it, I bought a few copies of the book to give as gifts.)

Today, Michael emailed to let me know that he and Dan have posted an excellent and free 27-page online comic called The Transpacific Partnership and "Free Trade," which describes how the negotiated-in-secret treaty is a "global coup that's disabling our democracies and replacing them with multinationals and Wall Street," and is making the US "police state more extensive, more restrictive, and global."

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  1. adonai says:


  2. If I learned one thing from Settlers of Catan, it's that with enough wheat you can build anything.

  3. Why does michael goodwin hate America?

  4. teapot says:

    This is the best frame for sure.

  5. teapot says:

    There a a lot more people on this earth to befriend stuck_out_tongue

    I agree it makes it more partisan but at the same time, that's really how the teabaggers look to outsiders.

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