Two ways breastfeeding ladies can pump milk in a more convenient fashion


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  1. SamSam

    An alternative to a hands-free pumping bra, which is normally a bit pricy and also annoying, is simply an old sports bra with a small hole cut in the nipple, through which you poke the small end of the funnel. My wife does this and finds it comfortable.

    It doesn't resolve the problem in this post, which is that you need to get out of your current bra to use it, though.

  2. mike_rg

    Another cheap way to get a hands-free boobsling for breasfeeding is to cut holes in an old bra for the flanges and reinforce the edges of each hole with an unfancy stitch job. I am not handy with a sewing machine, but I was able to get that to work for my partner. Call it a bra-hack and it too can be "very BoingBoing."

  3. brookeoclock

    When I was pumping, I really dug the PumpEase bra... bandeau... thingy. It goes on overtop of a nursing bra, but not as awkwardly as the zipper ones, and you can sneak it on without taking your arms out of your sleeves, even. You can put it on and then unhook the nursing bra after if you don't want to whip out your whole boob. The all-in-one bra looks pretty sweet; this is a slightly cheaper option. Although god knows after shelling out for a decent electric pump, the bras seem cheap by comparison. I'm so glad I'm not beholden to my electric milking machine any more, pumping is so high-maintenance even with the best gadgets to help out.

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