BART riders may have been exposed to measles

FYI, Bay Area readers — if you rode BART between February 4 and February 7, you may have been exposed to measles by an unvaccinated student who picked up the disease on a trip to Asia. Symptoms are similar to those of a cold, plus a rash. If this matches anything you (even adults who have been vaccinated could probably use a booster) or your children have been experiencing, call a doctor.

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  1. petzl says:

    Thanks, Jenny McCarthy.

  2. This might be a good time to bring up a conversation that I had with my husband recently, wherein we decided that Courier should be the official sarcasm font. From now on, anything written in Courier is sarcasm.

  3. Or that you're mentally deranged. Comic Sans is the font of insanity.

  4. Ratel says:


    Hmmm. That doesn't seem to work. Perhaps "Cursive"?


    Or maybe "Fantasy"?


  5. It also means in ten years we'll look back on anything that came out of a typewriter completely differently.

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