Mentalist Keith Barry plays tricks on used car salesmen

Mentalist Keith Barry works his powers of manipulation on used car dealers and customers in this video, like figuring out exactly how much people imagine they are willing to spend on a car. (Via Dooby Brain)

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  1. I'm six minutes in and getting frustrated - does he ever get around to explaining any of these tricks, or does he just show them off?

  2. TV magic is made by editing a story. it can be any story. we don't really know if these people are random, car salesmen, or if the mentalist is even real. but he is on TV so it must be real.

  3. You just missed it, the explanation for the first trick started at 6:24.

  4. The last trick is pretty obvious, put a camera on the hood, and tell him he's being recorded, but it's feeding a screen under your hood.

    As for the other suggestion tricks, is there a good mentalism book out there that explains the more common tricks. Something by Banachek maybe?

  5. jdk998 says:

    I like how he keeps calling it "mentalism".

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