1939 Action comics cover art sells for $286,800

The original art from Action Comics number 15 sold for the price of a house at auction this week.It's interesting that the earlier covers of Action Comics either do not exist, or are stashed away somewhere and forgotten.

The earliest Superman cover art known to exist – Fred Guardineer’s action-packed tableau from 1939 of the Man of Steel from Action Comics #15 – brought $286,800 at Heritage Auctions on Feb. 22 in New York.

“Guardineer’s cover is the earliest Superman cover art in existence,” said Ed Jaster, Senior Vice President at Heritage, “and an absolute treasure of comics history. A price like this shows just how much collectors covet a rarity like this.”

The Action #15 cover depicts Superman in full hero mode, saving a distressed U.S. Submarine just a few feet from a presumably bad end in the depths of the ocean, without seemingly an ounce of strain.

It was purchased by Richard Evans, of Houston, TX, who owns Bedrock City Comics Company. He has said that he plans to display the cover in his shop.

“I’m just a big fan,” he said.

Fred Guardineer Action Comics #15 Superman Cover Original Art

Notable Replies

  1. I like how the inexplicably-fedora'd submarine pilot gawping at Superman couldn't possibly actually see him from that angle.

  2. I don's understand "collectible world" anymore. I'm a car enthusiast so I basically understand why some rare car might valuable. A rare car just cannot be reproduced so that nobody could identify from the original. But an original cover art?

    I'm not a cover art enthusiast but I guess there are those too. I understand that an unique cover art is basically same as an unique car when regarded as a collectible item. But still I cannot understand why someone would pay such an amount.

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