Archbishop of Newark builds himself a palace while the church shuts down schools for lack of funding

The Catholic Archdiocese of Newark is shutting down its schools due to lack of funding, but it still has a fortune it can use to build a small palace for its archbishop John J Myers, who is soon to retire after a career whose highlights include dismissing victims of sexual abuse and shielding abusing priests. Also, he insists on being addressed as "Your Grace." He's a made-in-America version of Germany's disgraced "Luxury Bishop."

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  1. Wow, you're a real fuckwad, Your Grace.

    Not tax dollars, though. It's the Catholic Archdiocese, so they're funded not by taxpayers but by, uh. . . people who give money to the Church. What's the word? "Chumps", I suppose.

  2. I am confuse. How do your tax dollars fund this?

  3. Because the Catholic church does not have to pay any taxes on its income, real estate, etc., we taxpayers have to make up the difference. They don't even pay sales tax.

  4. I do so hope that Francis puts an epic smack-down on this guy as he did for the Bishop of Bling.

    ::grabs popcorn in anticipation::

  5. daneel says:

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