Republicans like energy efficiency, too

As you might expect, more Democrats than Republicans say they want to make energy efficient and renewable energy improvements to their houses over the next five years. But, when you look at who has actually made those improvements already — the Republicans come out ahead in many cases and are equal with Democrats in others. Basically, here's some more data that suggests your energy behavior can't be predicted by your politics, even when your politics rejects climate change.

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  1. Correlation is not causation.

    I suspect energy efficiency improvements track income level a lot closer than party affiliation.

  2. wygit says:

    And even when your party is giving whargarbl speeches that say Compact Fluorescent bulbs are somehow UnAmerican?

    I loved the Beast headline: "The GOP’s Relentless Crusade to Save America From Commie Light Bulbs"

    Glenn Beck says he'll fire any employee who uses the dastardly things?

    Limbaugh, on discovering his hotel room had one in the bedside lamp? "Looked over the shade and damned if there wasn't a compact fluorescent bulb in there. I thought about unscrewing the thing, just leaving it there as a calling card."

  3. If you look at those bar charts there are three improvements which republicans report having done more than democrats:
    Purchasing an energy efficient appliance.
    Improve home insulation.
    Install attic vent/fan.

    Hmm what other than political views might one expect those to correlate with... hmmm. How about HOME OWNERSHIP. Duh.

    I'd also say that using "smart meter technology" isn't really a decision of the home owner. It's more of a decision of their utility company, so individual democrats can't get much credit for being slightly ahead on that.

    edit: Also isn't it really hard to avoid purchasing energy efficient appliances these days?

  4. seyo says:

    Republicans are really into "do as I say, not as I do" so this doesn't really come as a surprise. Also, I suspect their energy efficiency preferences have more to do with saving money (they love money more than anything else) than it has to do with environmental concerns. It just so happens that those two things go hand in hand.

  5. IIRC, a Prius is more likely to driven by a Republican than a Democrat. Simply put, a lot of these energy saving devices cost money in the short term, and wealthy Republicans are more likely to afford them.

    I should also point out that the stereotype of Republicans being anti-environment is a wrong one. Conservative hunting affiliated organizations do a lot for conservation programs. Republicans aren't against viable energy saving tech. The two things they are most against are things like money making carbon credit schemes, and subsidizing clean tech that wouldn't be viable with out the subsidies.

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