1870s "Femme Fatale" ring pistol shoots tiny bullets

Sold at auction for $11,350.

The finely crafted curiosa German silver ring revolver, the band engraved with herringbone borders and legend: Femme Fatale. Top mounted with 7-shot brown-finished cylinder with fold-down fire-blued trigger and outer spring band. Contained with accompanying seven cartridges and tiny screwdriver in green velvet-lined, dark red leather-covered ring case with silver button escutcheon reading: "Femme Fatale."

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Notable Replies

  1. I wonder if this is the ring Ted Nugent used to propose to his first wife.

  2. Meh -- I've had plenty of women shoot me the finger.

  3. If you want something from the era of steam, here's a palm gun.

    These are hella illegal to own without a license, but I have seen them exhibited.

  4. I read the description "German silver ring revolver" to mean that it hailed from Germany, but no, the "German silver" is a description of the material (i.e. nickel/brass alloy, not actually silver).
    The Great Gazoogle informs me that the Femme Fatale producer also made them in 5- and 6-shot versions --

    -- while also supplying more butch versions with bigger cartridges for guys.

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