DICE: emulator for hardwired, discrete-circuit games from the 1970s

Since 2007, Adam has been improving DICE, a free/open program that emulates video games from the very dawn of the industry. These games, called "discrete circuit" games, had no CPU; gameplay was determined through hardwired connections between the electronic components (think of games like the Pong system). This has put these games -- like 1975's Crossfire, 1974's Clean Sweep and Wipe Out, and 1974's Pin Pong -- outside the reach of retrogaming emulators like MAME. DICE recreates the electrical circuits with careful precision, aiming to recapture the original play.

A new version of DICE, 0.8, allows for windowed play, and attains some Mac OS support.

adam's emulation wip (via /.)