Now: XKCD helps you visualize the time of day all over the world

In Now, the latest XKCD cartoon, Randall Munroe provides a handy, continuously updated way to visualize the current time all over the world. I happen to know that Munroe is an inveterate long-distance driver who likes to pass the hours on the road by calling friends; I imagine that a wheel like this would be handy for helping him figure out which continent he should be searching for in his address-book in order to find conversational partners at any hour of day.


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  1. I love the "rude to call" bar. That's a great touch. Anybody who has relatives abroad should link to this.

  2. Wubby says:

    I really want this on my wall. Has anyone ever created a clock like this before? It seems like one of those obvious idea that no one ever invented.

    I imagine daylight savings changes would screw it but pretty good, though.

  3. dzzzle says:

    As somebody with relatives abroad, this is exactly what I plan on doing. My best friend never has a concept of what time it is where I am, and my mum asks me every time I call.

  4. In Druid Park in Baltimore, there's a badass sundial in the rose garden of Rawlings Conservatory that has faces for many capital cities of the world. Highly recommended if you're in the area:

  5. SamSam says:

    You should be able to use the image code to embed the correctly-updating image anywhere (or just to bookmark it):

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