Twitter restores @N to Naoki Hiroshima

A long-overdue, happy ending to the saga of @N, the $50,000 username that was extorted out of Naoki Hiroshima by a hacker who tricked Paypal and Godaddy into compromising control over Hiroshima's domains, and threatened to trash Hiroshima's sites unless the @N handle was given over.

Twitter has restored @N to Hiroshima. It's not clear what took so long, nor what it was that turned the tide for Twitter and resulted in the hand-back.

Happy ending: @N has been restored to its rightful owner [Josh Ong/Next Web]

Notable Replies

  1. Digital sharecropper reunited with favorite address by benevolent landlord.

  2. How does someone with the frop to snag a single-letter username still depend on Godaddy?

  3. Let this be a lesson to you: The only way to protect your rights is to be famous enough to kick up a media shitstorm.

  4. I've never heard of this guy before, but I am friends with P.

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