King no longer claims to own "candy," still claims it owns "saga"

King Games, makers of Candy Crush, have backed down from their insane campaign to trademark the use of "Candy" in connection with games, a gambit that brought them ridicule and opprobrium (for example, a game jam where all the games made use of "candy"), not least because the company bullied competitors who had created candy-themed games years before Candy Crush came to market. However, the company still asserts a trademark over the use of the word "saga" in connection with games, and is trying to shut down The Banner Saga.

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  1. TobinL says:

    Man companies are going to make trivial and stupid abuse after abuse of trademark and copyright till the courts just start throwing everything out.

  2. Eksrae says:

    It's like when Donald Trump tried to trademark "You're Fired", even though it's been uttered in every TV sitcom, radio show, and at me more than once .

  3. anuran says:

    They claim rights over the word "saga"?
    Njal, Egil, King Harald, the Finnwife, Hrafenkel and all the Volsungs are going to want a word.
    And while they don't own Candy I'm sure they'll be able to nail down "Candya$$"

  4. Of course, they waited until the guy who made the game they ripped off folded and got out of the business before backing off on Candy...

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