Timeholes: when a-holes get time-travel

Timeholes, a two-minute, CC-licensed science fiction movie by Ben Mallaby, explores the future of obnoxious behavior and drunkenness in a world where time-travel is a given.

(via JWZ)

Notable Replies

  1. ..because you just know this is the future of ubiquitous time travel. This, or something more like the wonderful FAQ about time travel

  2. But what happens when all the conservatives in the U.S. start literally time-traveling back to the 1950s, instead of just figuratively trying to return there now? Will it make the present better or worse?

  3. NickyG says:

    It would be hilarious to see their reaction when they learn that effective income tax rates are higher then than they are in the present.

  4. Maybe those weren't nuclear tests at all, but conservative time travelers heads exploding. It would be really funny to send Ann Coulter back then, her conservatives would probably burn her as a witch.

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