My head just exploded.

Just look at it. (Sugary sweet J-pop goes death metal) (via Mefi)

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  1. Tres cool, and sorta reminds of the wild metal pop shenigans of ex-girls, I've got their mono kero cd and its similarly fun as this baby metal.

  2. It's fantastic! Plus I totally miss Shonen Knife.

  3. For those needing a translation, here you go. It's even more Shonen-Knife-like than I thought.

  4. zaren says:

    You really wanna get your brain broken? Check out at around 1:18 - they switch over to j-hiphop for a few seconds, then drop into full-on death metal.

    By Dobbs, this is truly amazing stuff. My wife simply does not understand. My son - who's an anime fan like me - kinda gets it.

  5. In astronomy, anything heavier than hydrogen is considered a metal, so this was light metal, aka helium.

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