Muppets tea-ad is brilliant (shame about the tea)

"Be More Tea," an ad for Lipton's tea, is sheer genius: Kermit finds himself tempest-tossed in a hard, uncaring version of Manhattan where everyone is an avatar of Animal. Through calmness and good nature, he tames the city and rescues Miss Piggy. It's a lovely message about the power to change the world by changing how you respond to it, and funny besides.

Shame that the tea isn't very good.

How To #BeMoreTea with Lipton & The Muppets! (via IO9)

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  1. The Muppet's got their start making commercials for Coffee. Kermit was a bit of an asshole in some of those.

    But they did something very interesting. They used the template of the commercial. and took the commercial 'on the road'.

    Customizing it for local coffee. Here's one for "Red Diamond Coffee" which worked out of Birmingham Alabama.

    I'm sure other people have memories of the same type of muppet commercial selling coffee or tea local to their city.

  2. from the linked article:

    Auditing by the Ethical Tea Partnership, which certifies estates for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Twinings and Mars Drinks, failed to detect the trafficking.

    I practice both tea and coffee snobbery.

  3. This is nothing new. Sir Thomas Lipton was actually part of the original Muppet Show cast.

  4. Q: Why do Communists insist on tea bags?
    A: Because proper tea is theft.

  5. What? I heard recently that the English started using toothbrushes, is this rumo(u)r at all true?

    Boy, lumping whole countries together like this sure makes things easier!

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