In-car iOS and Android partners line up

CarPlay is the new name of Apple's in-car cut of iOS, and the launch partners will be Mercedes, Volvo and Ferrari. Google's rival system, announced at CES, is to launch in vehicles by Honda, Audi, Hyundai and GM. Your personal futuriness can now be measured by whether your choice of phone influences your brand of car, or vice-versa. [Guardian]

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  1. The mistake here of course is not finding a way to license and offer either...or have the customer choose which system they want in the car. Since these aren't swappable it could affect the resale value of the car long term.

  2. Please, can't we have a standard for this?

  3. Oh man, I'm definitely buying that Ferrari now.

  4. That's what we're getting. We're moving from 30 different manufacturer systems down to probably 2 (Google and Apple). I suspect some auto manufacturers will attempt to hold onto their own proprietary systems (BMW?), but eventually it makes sense for this stuff to be tightly integrated with your phone hardware and ecosystem.

    Several of those manufacturers that Rob lists in the Google column have already signed on with Apple as well. Honda/Acura are launching several models this year with at least a partial implementation of CarPlay.

  5. OK, I'll bite: which choice is more futury? Android or IOS influencing your car, or your car influencing your phone?

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