Scotch Tear-by-Hand packaging tape

My family ships a lot of boxes during the holidays, and we go through a few rolls of packaging tape. Large pistol-grip tape dispensers don’t work well on smaller boxes — I have never been able to get the hang of using the serrated blade to cut off the tape.

I was happy to find out about Scotch’s Tear-by-Hand packaging tape. I (and more importantly, my wife) can easily tear off strips with our hands. It’s easy to get the length you desire, and the tear is perfectly perpendicular. Also, it’s easy to find the end of the tape on the roll by running your fingernail along it. This stuff is like magic. I never want to use any other kind of packaging tape. -- Mark Frauenfelder

Scotch Tear-by-Hand Tape, 1.88 Inches x 50 Yards $20

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  1. I've used this for years, and just love it. It's great for mailing packages, but the real killer app for me was when we moved. Being able to just grab a roll of tape to seal a box rather than dink around with one of those tape dispensers (handheld or tabletop) made things a lot easier.

    Just be careful how you describe it - when I told my wife I found a few rolls for our moving boxes, I described it as "tear-able tape." She asked me why I bought it if it sucked so much.

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