DEA deputy director: "Every single parent" opposes pot legalization

Well over half of Americans want pot to be legalized, and a panicky Drug Enforcement Administration is ramping up its lies and surliness. Here's a testy exchange between DEA deputy administrator Thomas M. Harrigan and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) on marijuana legalization.

...Harrigan said that "every single parent out there" opposed marijuana legalization.

"Your statement that all parents are against this is ludicrous," said Cohen. "What do you think, that people who are in favor of decriminalization or changing policy don't procreate?"

DEA Official: 'Every Single Parent' Opposes Marijuana Legalization

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  1. petzl says:

    It's a little unfair to criticize this particular guy. He's a dog trained to hunt squirrels. The minute he opens his mouth to suggest even slightly modifying his squirrel-hunting diet, he's going to get replaced by a fresh, less squirrel-averse, hunting dog.

  2. Not mine. I'm 38. I still occasionally smoke with my 70+ year old parents.

    Mom gardens, sews, teaches dance and yoga. Dad is retired from 25 years doing IT for the Federal government, won two Grammy awards, makes short films in his spare time.

    Neither of them in any way are 'criminal'. I, while not as nice as my parents, still manage a clean driving record, clean criminal record and paid 40K in taxes last year. Granted much of that is due to luck, moderate laws in my area and of course having white skin and a decent gift of gab. Marijuana is not harmless, nor is it a Miracle Drug. But it is neither 'The Devils' Weed' and the ruined lives due to criminalization is surely the real evil.

    This guy can go drink a pint of bong water.

  3. I'm a parent and I'm in favor of legalization. No kid (or adult, for that matter) should have his/her life destroyed because s/he get's caught doing something that over half of all Usians have done.

  4. It's the "no true Scotsman" fallacy again:

    Shock horror! Those people with children who do not oppose Marijuana legalisation are not true parents they're child abusers!

  5. The inevitable legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington has been a signal event auguring the further dismantling of the American patriarchy, or, if you please, the conservative Christian white male (CCWMs) morality/power framework that has brought to our country the failed drug war and the program of mass incarceration which has caused massive human suffering. More states are sure to follow. It has long been recognized that the war on drugs and mass incarceration have their roots in a shameful American tradition of racial intolerance. Unfortunately, these forces are now far more covert than they once were even if they still represent the balance of power in the US. For example, Americans are now just as fearful of crime as they've ever been even though crime is at historic lows. Why the fear? Because Americans haven't been informed of this statistic. Nevertheless, the fear of crime was deliberately made into an electoral issue during the Johnson administration after the Watts riots in Los Angeles, and went by the name of Law and Order. But everyone knew what it really meant--the white establishment answering the uppity, smarting Negroes who were growing restless and demonstrably angry in their urban ghettos. The Law and Order campaign was immensely successful, and has been electoral gold ever since. Nevertheless, what now goes under the anodyne rubric of "public safety", even if it has been largely divorced in the public mind from any notions having to do with race, still effect minorities in a vastly disproportionate way. Marijuana, needless to say, has been deeply entertwined with our misguided conception of "public safety".

    Now that a great many whites have tried illicit substances criminalized by the government, the pronouncements once issued by authority figures occupying stations of power similar to Harrigan's that were once unquestioningly believed by a credulous public seem absurd. He makes a buffoon of himself by making wild claims that cannot be sustained under even casual cross examination. Bombast and hyperbole are apparently no longer a substitute for evidence. In a word, he is no longer credible. Personally, I am hoping that this, along with gay marriage, represents a culture shift toward tolerance and liberal values, and away from a set of values that results in scores of our fellow citizens having their lives all but ruined (along with all of the collateral damage to children and spouses) by being arrested and imprisoned in unprecedented numbers for "crimes" which harm no one.

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