Two different perspectives on a new study of breastfeeding outcomes


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  1. maggiekb

    Definitely the breast milk.

  2. borisbartlog

    I've always wondered, given that we've been doing studies of this for decades, whether there haven't been significant changes in 'formula' that would reduce or eliminate a gap that once existed. That very early formulas were severely deficient in some ways is not a controversial claim. And later (1970s IIRC) they found some more subtle deficits in the fatty acid composition, and eventually fixed that too. There are still things like antibodies that they can't add, but it's entirely possible that modern formula is nutritionally equivalent, even if it didn't reach parity until twenty years ago.

  3. ChickieD

    When I was a new mom and in the middle of the crippling insecurity that being a brand new mom brings, I was struggling with the whole breastfeeding thing (which I did okay at until I had to return to work) - one of my neighbors said, "Go out on a playground. Can you tell which kids were breastfed and which were formula fed?" It was helpful and not judgy.

  4. Falcor

    I have to say I have a bit of indigestion now.

  5. Falcor

    Breastfeeding thread has turned into discussion on how to make deep fried mac-n-cheese balls. Wow.

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