Building a kid-sized Dark Knight Batpod

Eric sends us this site documenting the construction of a kid-sized, 2/5-scale Batpod as seen in The Dark Knight: "My friend Travisis a pretty rad maker. He successfully built a 1:4 scale electric Sherman tank for his son. And judging by the finish work of the tank, I am sure this is going to be even more killer."

The Batpod has huge tires, central mono-shock, one sided front “fork” with a spindle type of steering setup, a one sided rear swingarm, a unique laying down riding position, …. the list goes on.

Kid sized Batpod (Thanks, Eric!)

Notable Replies

  1. Those wide tires are going to make turning impossible once this kid gets up over 80 mph or so.

  2. Very cool. But in the first video it doesn't look like the moment arm on the steering mechanism is keyed into the threaded rod. High stress, and bound to eventually fail.

  3. Gee, I used to be pretty fond of my dad for making me wooden swords and stuff.

    Anyone else kinda hate this kid, just a little?

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