New Girl Genius arc starts today

Carol writes, "After a much-needed break, this week Phil & Kaja Foglio started up a new story arc on their multiple-Hugo-award-winning 'Girl Genius' comic series. This new story arc is a good place for new readers to jump in, as Agatha Heterodyne sets out on a new adventure. 'Girl Genius' is a long-form series, with three new full-color comic pages posted on the site each week. Updates appear on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 'Girl Genius' has been running since 2001, following the gaslamp fantasy adventures of Agatha, the titular girl genius mad scientist."

I love this stuff. Here's my review of the novel version of the story.

Here we are, back with the second act of the Girl Genius story! (Thanks, Carol!)

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  1. I hadn't noticed that after thirteen volumes and – nine years, is it? – they're calling this the "second act". Goodness knows there's no shortage of loose ends left over.

    Things got really confusing around Volume 5, and some of the arcs inside the castle were mighty slow-moving, but it's still quite readable, generally.

    Fun fact: did you know that the original BSD daemon was apparently drawn by Mr. Foglio?

  2. pepik says:

    Well, those of us who aspire to be superfans noticed that it started on Monday, but I'm still really excited!

  3. I did not know that!

    The PDP-11 on the original tshirts is pretty accurate, although the top logo panels ought to be purple.

  4. Bobo says:

    Yup, and no offense to whoever was doing the interim comics, but they were close enough in style, yet not quite right enough that they hit some sort of "really wrong" sensor in my brain. Kind of like if you see a Mickey Mouse that's not drawn quite right.

  5. Bobo says:

    It wasn't that it looked different. It was perhaps that it looked different, while not really looking different enough. The jarring effect if they had all been chibi characters would have been less disturbing IMHO.

    Is it possible to enter uncanny valley for comic characters...?

    That being said, it was indeed a fun sideline while waiting for the return of the "real" GG comics to resume.

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