Harlequin Creature: a zine where every copy is individually hand-typed by volunteers

Janice writes, "The Harlequin Creature is a journal of poetry and prose that is hand-typed at typing bees by a circle of friend and volunteers from Los Angeles to Ann Arbor to New York. Copies are hand-bound and numbered; a limited number include artwork by a feature artist. The journals are available at 9 bookstores and shops across the globe, as well as by pre-order online for the next issue. As an organization, Harlequin Creature is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation founded in 2012 in New York."

Harlequin Creature (Thanks, Janice!)

Notable Replies

  1. Good on them for keeping the world's last remaining typewriter repairman in business. smile

  2. There's always got to be something else that can be given the hipster artisanal treatment...

  3. Shuck says:

    I'd like to think that these are actually printed out by a computer running an algorithm that throws in random errors, and they're just telling us they're hand-typed. Otherwise this is just a waste of human effort for no purpose except to be perverse. Which provides no benefit in art when you can do the same thing in another way and appear to be perverse.

  4. As a developer, I'm always suspicious of projects that brag about the technology used to create the product. For example, "Subways in New York visualized with AngularJS, D3, HTML5 Canvas, and Grunt!". It strikes me that truly interesting work rarely cares about the delivery mechanism since the content is the point. I had the same reaction reading about this. Emphasizing the hand-made artistic rejection of the digital age only makes me suspect that the delivery mechanism is more interesting than the content itself.

    In short, I don't care how it's made as long as it's interesting.

  5. There is nothing like sitting down to do your business on the can, sipping some weasel poop coffee, and cracking open a fresh copy of "dead trees, unpaid labor, and carpal tunnel"! How else am I supposed to start the day feeling better then everyone else?

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