This Day in Blogging History: Welcome to Your Awesome Robot; Broadcaster sets up torrent tracker; Can Klingon be copyrighted?

One year ago today
Welcome to your Awesome Robot: instructional comic turns kids & cardboard boxes into AWESOME ROBOTS!: Welcome to Your Awesome Robot is a fantastic book for maker-kids and their grownups.

Five years ago today
Norway's public broadcaster sets up its own torrent tracker using same code as The Pirate Bay: By using BitTorrent we can reach our audience with full quality, unencrypted media files. Experience from our early tests show that if we're the best provider of our own content we also gain control of it.

Ten years ago today
Is Klingon copyrighted?: You can copyright a dictionary, certainly, but can you copyright grammar? I'm not sure you can copyright grammar at all, since it is a set of rules regarding word usage. Grammar is an idea, that can probably only be expressed in a fairly limited number of ways, even if fanciful.