This Day in Blogging History: Senator's sneaky press-dodging flip-phone; Lost Dalek dredged from pond; We don't need social software to know who our friends are

One year ago today
US lawmaker uses neat flip phone trick to avoid talking to "pesky reporters": Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) "is well known for pulling a flip phone out of his pocket and pretending to hold a conversation."

Five years ago today
Beslimed ancient Dalek head dredged from English pond: Volunteers in Hampshire, England, discovered a Dalek head while cleaning trash from the bottom of a local pond!

Ten years ago today
Human monkeys already know who their friends are, even without a YASNS to help: Clay Shirky's posted a nice little analysis of the evolving user-interfaces for social network services on Many2Many. The thing he nails down really tight here is that negotiating friendship is something we're actually pretty good at -- until we're asked to port representations of those relationships to the digital realm.