Creepy clowns in Manchester

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This is Colin Smith, a con artist clown who was busted for posing as a charity collector. Apparently, there were nearly 20 unrelated police incidents last year in Manchester, England involving clowns reportedly engaged in creepy behavior like following children to school, vandalizing property, or robbery.

“The clowning profession can do without stupid people who don’t understand the profession and appreciate that it is a performing art and not a spontaneous jolly jape," Dave Tawney, European director of the World Clown Association, told the Manchester Evening News.

Notable Replies

  1. I am sure the con-artists will take note and stop with all this non-foolishness.

  2. snig says:

    Don't piss off the clowns. They can be rather stern in how they police their own.

  3. "Spontaneous jolly jape" is my now my new phrase of the week. I will try to use it as much as possible in casual conversation.

  4. Paging John Wayne Gacy...

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