This Day in Blogging History: 21st C principles; Dr Mario on universal health care; BB goes MT

One year ago today
Principles for 21st century living: 1. Resilience instead of strength, which means you want to yield and allow failure and you bounce back instead of trying to resist failure; 2. You pull instead of push. That means you pull the resources from the network as you need them, as opposed to centrally stocking them and controlling them...

Five years ago today
Dr Mario agitates for universal health care in Mushroom Kingdom: The king of all Koopas would love to take over every hospital in Mushroom Kingdom, to use them to extract Peach's DNA or create a horrific suit that looks like me to trick the princess. But government-funded doesn't mean government-run.

Ten years ago today
We're a Movable Type blog now! After over four years with Blogger, Boing Boing is now a Movable Type blog! Blogger is an excellent tool, but we'd outgrown it and it was time for a change.