$380,000 spent designing one tiny part of a laptop

I'm not sure USB port design is the detail I care most about, but I'm glad that Razer spent $380k sweating it. Fast Co Design's Dan Nosowitz sees, in a very expensive gaming laptop, the hand of Jobs:

That attention to detail isn't just for show; Razer really has accomplished something pretty impressive with the Blade. It's thinner than the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, much more powerful, with a display that's not only 20% more pixel-dense than the Retina but a touch screen as well. Though it's very similar to the MacBook in some of its design cues--its hinges, its trackpad, and its matte finish are all very Apple-y--it's undeniably an exciting machine. But as any Jobsian acolyte knows, it's obsession with detail that makes a piece of technology truly seem special, and for Min, that included the USB ports.