Table tennis robot

Update: switched out the cheesy and substantially faked tennis robot ad for an actual, honest-to god tennis robot that can actually play table tennis.

Enjoy this table tennis match fought out by German champion Timo Boll, a robot, and irremediable cinematic pretension. [Video Link] Previously.

Notable Replies

  1. Unwatchable... you can't tell if it's really playing, or just edited that way. Look for the other ping pong video, with the tracked robot... much better.

  2. mtdna says:

    You're being too cynical. As a ping-pong enthusiast with $50k to blow on an over-hyped industrial robot arm I found it highly compelling.

  3. Yes! See? Told ya so... 'too cynical' indeed! Watch this:

    for the real deal. Before long, robots will be unbeatable at pong.

  4. Updated post with actual ping pong playing robot overlord.

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