Blade from a wind turbine, trucking down the highway

I passed this wind turbine blade on a highway in Iowa yesterday. Looking a bit like a giant dinosaur femur (or, from another angle, a really, really, really big beluga whale) it was both awesome in the classical sense and kind of a driving distraction. Here's the best part. After we drove past it, we found another vehicle about a mile ahead that was clearly part of the same caravan, but was just a small truck. It took a couple of minutes to figure out why it was so far out ahead of the turbine hauler, but then we noticed that the little truck had a tall, upright pole attached to it, wobbling slightly in the breeze. Our best guess: The upright pole was a measure for overpass clearance. If the little truck couldn't get that pole under an overpass, then they'd pull over and radio back to the semi that was hauling the turbine blade. The truck was out far ahead so that the whole caravan would have time to stop before the (presumably very expensive) blade could get lodged under a bridge.

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  1. We've seen the massive turbine trailers navigating small roads up in western maine and it's pretty impressive how they coordinate movement on small state highways and intersections. Multiple state police and escort vehicles all working tightly together.

  2. I've seen one on a highway before. Yes, impressive. Surprisingly though, they're not expensive. You can get them for about $5 on Amazon and it comes with Prime delivery.

  3. The first two are $5 each, but the third one is $5 billion.

  4. The amount of land used by renewables is minuscule when you consider that the US has strip mined an area the size of Delaware and contaminated vast additional acreage with toxic mine drainage, coal ash, mercury, and fracking fluid..

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