This Day in Blogging History: Grotesque portraits; AIG ripoff gets worse; Boing Boing wins Weblog of the Year at SXSW's Bloggies

One year ago today
Grotesque portraits from Christian Rex van Minnen: I love the crammed-together, rammed-together higgeldy piggeldy of insectoid body parts, high fashion, and toons.

Five years ago today
AIG Ripoff Gets More Maddening: AIG, the financial giant that has taken more than $170 billion of our money to save it from extinction -- and given lots of it to other financial companies -- is paying almost half a billion dollars in bonuses.

Ten years ago today
Boing Boing just won the Weblog of the Year Award at the Bloggies: BOO YAH, IN YOUR FACE WOO HOO GOD DAMN!