Devotees froze dead guru

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After Indian guru Ashutosh Maharaj of the Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (Divine Light Awakening Mission) died in January of a suspected heart attack, his followers let his body sit a week before finally putting him in a freezer. Spiritual cryonics!

"He is not dead," spokesman Swami Vishalanand told the BBC. "Medical science does not understand things like yogic science. We will wait and watch. We are confident that he will come back."

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  1. So, 'yogic science', do you have any comment on why the totally-not-dead-at-all-no-siree guy needs to be frozen? Was the yogic stench of yogic decomposition becoming a problem?

    Come on here, even penny-ante saints with no shot at bodily reincarnation manage alleged miraculous incorruptibility from time to time (especially when conditions favor natural mummification, curiously...) Surely a guy who isn't even dead can take it?

  2. Bro. BRO. This is yogic science we're talking about here--not your puny medical science with all its research and its drugs and its concepts and whatnot.

    Clearly your aura is not the right color today.

  3. 'e's not dead, 'e's restin

  4. FroYogi.

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