Sky censoring Ukrainian site, says it has "a white list of international media websites which are currently blocked"

Taras sez:

I noticed last week that access to the Ukrainian media website was impossible from the UK but there was no issue with me connecting to it via a US VPN connection. I asked Sky (my ISP) why that was the case. This was the response I received:

Sky Help Centre 16:00 (29 minutes ago)

to me

Dear Mr Ciuriak

Thank you for contacting Sky Help Centre.
Thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately there has been a white list of international media websites which are currently blocked and this site is affected by this. This means we are unable to assist in getting you access to this website.

I've left a message for Sky PR to find out what this is about.

I hope this helps with your enquiry.

Kind regards
Greg Sky Help Centre

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Internet browser issues
The Ukrainian news website is not available via my Sky broadband, but I can access it freely when connected to my US corporate VPN. Why? Cheers, /Taras

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  1. I guess they don't actually know what a white list is.

  2. Yep, the UK is increasingly going the way of china...

    My VPN subscription is looking more essential with every passing day confused

    Edit: just tried it.
    Virgin media: site times out
    Via a VPN in miami: site loads fine

  3. PGT says:

    My question is: whose "whitelist" (sic) is Sky enforcing? Sky's? David Cameron's? Moscows?


  4. Well the other question is are they incompetent and this was actually meant to be white listed or are they incompetent and they meant to say black listed.

  5. It would be interesting to compare where traceroute shows the packets disappearing.

    Coming from a small webhoster, not via Sky, I see that for traffic that's blocked ( the last hop is, but traffic that isn't ( continues on to That's presumably their gateway interface to the Ukrainian ISP Dreamline.

    I believe that is a Russian company. Is it possible that the Russian government has ordered the traffic blocked rather than the UK government? Does Sky traffic to the Ukraine also go through RETN?

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