Winter wildfires in the Arctic

While the US has had a winter characterized by recurring bouts with the Polar Vortex, Norway has been suffering through a winter that is both one of the warmest on record, and one of the driest. Last month, the country experienced two massive wildfires. One of those was the Flatanger fire, which you can see part of in the video here. It was the largest fire in Norway since World War II.

Just a month ago, no one would have said there was a threat of brushfires in Trøndelag at this time of year,” noted Dagfinn Kalheim, director of the Norwegian fire prevention association. Now, they’ve experienced three of their worst fires on record during winter.

Western Norway has been in the midst of an ongoing drought since late fall. The drought, spurred by a ridge in the polar Jet Stream has steered storms away from the usually wet Norway and slammed them over and over into the British Isles, France and Spain. The drought left mountain scrub and thawing tundra in the region very dry and vulnerable to fire.

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  1. Just about the only place in the northern hemisphere that didn't have an unseasonably warm winter compounded by drought or monsoon was the Midwest and Eastern seaboard of the United States. Of course, because that's where the biggest media markets are, the rest of the world doesn't exist. Therefore, climate change is a hoax. Or, at least, that is a lie that some people in those markets will believe so long as the most wealthy people on the planet pay a lot of money to the media in those markets to repeat the lie. And now we understand why cable news is so terrible.

  2. Perhaps climate change is being used to cover up increasingly aggressive Troll activity?

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