Coffee map of America

The battleground is most intense in the midwest; on the coasts and in Canada, contiguous coffee empires form. Flowing Data:

"The spatial concentration in cities didn't surprise me so much, but the cumulative coverage of the coffee places did. I expected to see something more like the pizza map, however, there are lots of areas in the country where it is more than ten miles to the nearest chain."

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  1. What a terrible infographic. Half the colors are so close they can't be distinguished even with good vision, and a colorblind person wouldn't be able to see more than 2 of them. What's the matter, don't like shapes? Your assignment: read some Tufte, go back, and do it over again....


    A locked room in a salt mine in Utah contains the last 25 cases of Postum.

    Twenty five counties in the south and midwest only consume coffee made from Robusta variety beans, on account of Arabica beans support terrorism.

    In parts of the Southwest, the preferred method of making coffee involves boiling the grounds in a pot with an egg, the way "Cookie" on the chuck wagon did it.

    Those little hourglass-shaped aluminum pots with the guy pointing up on them are illegal in two midwestern states.

    A run of French Press coffee makers labeled "Liberty Press" are being sold to fans of the Glenn Beck show at a 322% mark up.

    *Not. Look, I got bored.

  3. I'm not sure this map gets across the astonishing density of coffee shops in Seattle.

  4. A vendor was filling a coffee machine and I asked him which one would be the best. He replied the 'regular' over the flavoured coffees as the flavoured coffee is cut with 'hickory and peanut shells'. Not really but not far off either.

  5. That's just the beginning of Canada's annexation of Michigan. People joke about how there are so many Starbucks locations, but there are something like 2.5x as many Tim Hortons locations per capita in Canada compared to the number of Starbucks per capita in the US.

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