Crowdfunding a binaural, video-less videogame

Paul Bennun, who helped created the groundbreaking, video-less binaural sound videogame Papa Sangre sez, "We're making a 'video game without video' and we're turning to Kickstarter to fund it. Team Papa Sangre has been responsible for some fantastic 'work of art' games over the last few years; games with the unique quality of having no graphics whatsoever, based on some (dare we say it) kick-arse technology that helps us make entire worlds in sound. The one-before-last starred Benedict Cumberbatch; the last one starred Sean Bean and was the best-reviewed iOS game of 2013 according to Metacritic. The next one most certainly isn't art (well, actually it is but that's not so obvious). It's you versus the zombies and it's just batshit crazy. We want make something much more direct. The problem is the economics of audio games are tricky. If we don't get defined support it's going to be a lot more tricky to know when or how we can game the game out -- so we've turned to Kickstarter."

I know Paul personally and he gets stuff done. While all kickstarters carry the caveat that you may get nothing for your money, I have extremely high confidence that if this is funded, it will happen.

You’ll be fighting over 10 Zombie types, each with its own unique behaviour or special trait. It will be tough, but you’re in luck. With an arsenal of 15 upgradable weapons, from shotguns and swords to bazookas and automatic rifles, you’ll be able to build your perfect loadout to take on the undead in two different game modes over 4 exotic Arenas. And you’ll always be watched by Dr. Bastard as he tries to kill you for the crowd’s amusement.

As you play you will earn Coins and Diamonds, which will allow you to buy weapons, upgrade the ones you have and boost power ups. We will offer a few optional IAP items to speed up your earnings, but no amount of IAP will make up for true skill for all purposes of competitive gameplay though Game Center leaderboards. We've put a lot of effort in balancing the game to make sure that IAPs are not required to progress normally in the game. Furthermore, as a pledger, you'll be given a Coin Doubler, with with you'll get the weapons you want as fast as you need them.

Audio Defence: Zombie Arena