Dee goes to The People's Court

Well done, sir. (Thanks, Dave Gill!)

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  1. I feel like I'm missing a cultural reference here. What's the joke?

  2. thaum says:

    I'm not watching this video, so I'm instead going to make up a narrative about John Dee being on a TV courtroom show because his alchemical experiments were annoying the neighbors too much.

  3. You know when someone baits someone else into saying "what?" so that they can respond "chicken butt!" This is the same thing, only the punch line is "Deez Nuts!"

  4. love how the guy dressed as a guard hears the setup and comes around the corner smiling..

  5. Question: "Do you like CDs or tapes?"

    Answer 1: "CDs"

    Punchline 1: "Well, see deez nuts."

    Answer 2: "Tapes"

    Punchline 2: "Well, tape deez nuts to your chin."

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