Funny video of Neil deGrasse Tyson praising Isaac Newton

Astrophysicist and Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson, in dire need of coffee or a nap, praises Isaac Newton. (Just kidding; it's slowed down. Here's the original clip.)

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  1. Wait, so it is funny to laugh at people who sound drunk? Or just black scientists who sound drunk? I don't get it. Apart from that, we are trying hard to promote the image of scientists that are making a positive impact in science awareness in America. The last thing we need is a drunk NGT propagating its way around the internet. I'd be more careful about post things like this.

    Since this site appears to have some arbitrary 3-comment limit to this thread, I will edit this comment and add this here:

    Casualness and jocularity do not project the image of scientific depth and expertise. NGT is not primarily on TV to entertain people, he serves a much larger role as an authority on critical thinking and a steward of the level of mental rigor present in our national culture. If NGT by chance would ever appear too casual to the public, if he appears to have too much time on his hands to offer commentary about goofy videos made of him, then the respect that he gets from the public as "the answer guy" at the cutting edge of science, and the respect he gets from the scientific community as the best "representative" for what scientists are can too easily fade matter how cool NGT appears. At the end of the day, science isn't about silliness, nor entertainment, and NGT has a mission impossible level of serious work to do. His image as a serious guy needs to prevail for a long time here. Careful not to forget that.


  2. Tyson's eloquence shines through the temporal distortion, and this is a large part of the video's appeal. He'll be the first one to laugh. His 'mind blown' gesture at 2:40 is brilliant.

  3. If anything, I'd say BoingBoing has done more to increase my interest in science over the years I've been reading... I think you're reaching in criticizing BoingBoing on this one..

  4. Seki says:

    The video makes me think of the first time I took Benadryl.

    NDT himself just shared it on his Facebook page, along with this gem:

    "Meanwhile, my geek daughter just calculated that this slow motion
    interview is what the original on would look like if it were time
    dilated from moving at 85% the speed of light."

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